Today we Feature in another rising star at Better Your Life Campaign Sir Moses who is working with us Part-time making a job replacing income as a student.

This is his Inspiring Story as A student….

My story at Better Your Life Campaign business started some time back when I was a student at 3rd year, UON, pursuing Civil Engineering. I was excited with my course because I always heard stories of successful Engineers before. However, my interaction with other Engineers proved that being one was not always a guarantee to make it as others did. I went ahead to study what the secret of the successful was and found it was in diversity of income sources and not just the profession alone. As a student, I looked for something I could do part time to generate some money and street-skills that could see me through my dreams.

Secondly, life at campus was not so lovely. I remember going on two meals quite often and at odd times to balance the day. Not being able to join my well to do friends on outings for financial constraints and not being able to dress to the best of my satisfaction leading to low self esteem. Well, if you passed through campus life, you understand this.

That is when I came across a gentleman who proclaimed that his business will be able to pay me at least $1,000 in a month in the next 6 months. That was too sweet for me and without hesitation, I did all I could and joined the programme part time.

It wasn’t easy at first because it was a new platform for me, facing rejections from people I thought would work with me. But I knew one thing, If you do what others are not willing to do now, you will have what others are not able to have in future.

Nonetheless, I built my business vigorously and just like my friend promised I was earning above $1500 a month by my 6th month. Most of my friends who doubted came in speedily and we worked together.

And my first project went into buying some parcels of land in different parts of the country, in readiness for real estate projects, thanks to my Engineering background. I started supporting my mum pay some loan she sourced to build our home and couldn’t feel better seeing the relief on her face. Am happy because today she’s one of the proud distributors of our company and also a testimony of our mighty products.

Exactly 1 year 1 month later, I bought my first car out of this business, an Audi A4 at an age of 22. Well, it was one of my dream cars years back but this business delivered it earlier than I expected.

I have also been on several lifestyle trips sponsored by the company, both locally and internationally. I cannot forget my experience in Zanzibar, Dubai and Palawan Islands in the Pacific ocean, all courtesy of better your life campaign. It is always said that “a man who travels not has only read a single page in the book of his life.” If you love travelling, you gotta be here.

Financially, today the business makes me over $10,000 each month. I have also gotten several awards in the industry for leadership roles and excellent perfomance.

Lastly, the world we are in today is changing so fast. And technology just made things so simple. At Better Your Life Initiative, we help you make the best out of you based on our ready made systems.

Thanks so much for reading my story, let us help you transform your life.

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