Alpha Soko Classifieds is an Online based Market Place or a digital advertising platform which connects sellers to potential buyers.

Alpha Soko Classifieds aims at bringing changes to the community where they could come together, meet, trade and facilitate one another in many ways. 

Community members can come here to sell all kinds of used or new electronics, home appliances, automobiles, recreation and many more items. 

They can post all sorts of advertising, promote their small business and enterprise, get an audience for a neighborhood event, concerts, functions and seminars. 

The community members can buy items that they could wish to have, or be compelled to offer and build new friends, meet individuals, business and do private transactions

We hope Alpha Soko Classifieds will bring all such desires in an easy way by offering a market place to Kenyan Community members to buy and sell their used and new items.

Start selling with Alpha Soko Classifieds and let us help you reach new potential buyers in your area.

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The Professional Publishing and Entertainment Platform.

A modern Kenyan digital publishing news and entertainment platform. Provide audience with outstanding up to date information in different areas starting from sports, politics, business, world news, health, fashion trends and others to keep them informed on what’s currently happening in the country.

All in One Best Online Shopping mall in Kenya

All in One best and largest online shopping mall in Kenya. It was launched with the mission of becoming No.1 E-commerce platform in Kenya, and has a vision of transforming the online shopping trend to simple, better and convenient. Serves a retail-customer base that continues to grow each day, offering products that extend across various categories including Electronics such as smart phones, laptops and others, Home Appliances, Fashion bag, Baby Products, makeup and much more.

A company that simply connect a person to a person.

A modern free social networking platform site to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues, customers, or clients. Members can connect with other individuals who share the same interests and develop new relationships.

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