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Few months ago I was working as a Graphics Designer, working 10 hours a day not having the time to do what I wanted in life, I felt like I was a slave…

Everyday, I could check daily orders… and that was me set for the day! My life was ran by a piece of paper which had all the orders to be met daily! If I didn’t follow it I would get in trouble from my Boss,

Well, things have really changed since then and I want to share with you part of my story of how I went from a life of slavery in a  Job to now spending more time doing what i love most in life with my loved ones, working less 3-5 hours a day with nothing but my phone and a laptop making my fortunes with BETTER YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN.

I’m guy from Kenya who wanted more from life! I wasn’t cut out for being a slave my entire life!

When I was still under age, I always wanted and admired good and successful life, I always wanted to travel, I had seen pictures of all these amazing places, I had a fond taste of all these tropical locations like Kenya Highlands and game parks, South Africa, The Bahamas, Dubai etc. I could picture myself in these places, chilling on the beaches of the world living the good life!

After High School at the age of 19!

I had no idea what I was going to do but wanted to travel, live good life and earn good money!

It then came into my mind that I could take Graphics Designing job as my carrier, since I had no any other choice/option.

I thought I could earn at least good money since I was just a fresh graduate from college by then,

…friends was I wrong!

From that time I got my JOB I started a journey of nearly 4 years of slavery, lost contact with my Family and Friends I worked my ass off, working from Monday to Monday, daily for 10+ hours a day! I spent all the money I was earning (around Ksh 20,000/month) going out getting wasted, coz when I did so I could forget the time on the computer.

I HATED MY JOB (Journey of Broke/Just Over Broke) LIFE.

It was definitely not what I expected it to be! I knew this wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life! It really sunk in one night then after coming to my senses; I started looking for something else to do in life.

I realized in THAT ONE MOMENT, the direction my life was heading!

Immediately I set out on a mission to change my life, I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do, but I knew what I didn’t want to do and that was enough for me!

I resigned from Job- I fired my boss.

The day after, I looked online for “Ways to make money online”

I knew then that pursuing how to make money on the internet was going to be the next chapter of my life, yes I was nervous but I came across people in Nairobi who were doing it, so if they were doing it, I knew I could too! So I booked for an appointment, attended my first exposure, paid the enrollment fee and began learning and working just by copy pasting what others were doing.

My journey in online marketing in that company was not too smooth, I faced a lot of rejection, received a lot of abuse and betrayal from close friends and relatives. I even struggled to make even $200-$300 in a week in that company. But What really exits me most, is that few months ago I decided to be open minded and I looked in to a different plan of BETTER YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN and when the presenter was done showing me the plan, I said to myself “My struggle has come to an end” I made up my mind to join the new company – BETTER YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN and in a short period of time, we have built a big and successful organization of over 10,000 members world wide with BETTER YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN .

After doing the business for only 11 months, i managed to buy my first car – a toyota passo. what makes me exited more is that the period it has taken me to get my first ride is short compared to my 4 years employment as a graphics designer yet i couldn’t even afford a bicycle and i was even struggling to pay my rent.

A lot of things have happened in my first year of doing BETTER YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN – the total transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly, my daily/weekly/monthly income has really increased and i give thanks to God for this amazing opportunity.

Again in a span of only 6 months , i got my first rank and in 12 months i got my second rank and as if that’s not all, I became among the top earners in BETTER YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN Kenya in the 1st anniversary and recognition rally. – I was very excited when i was recognized among the top earners in the company. All these happened in only 12 months of doing the business. I was 100% sure that the following year will be more fruitful to us and those who are going to partner with us.

“My advice to young people is this, to be proactive and develop less negativity, to put their view in a nice way, develop skills, have patience, persist more and Focus.”

It all changed for me once I found a better paying system and mentor.

Someone that had what I wanted!… If you want Great results in Life, Find someone who has already achieved what you want in life to be your mentor.

Finding a mentor and having the right business system has allowed me to achieve some incredible things at my age! Like I said am making fortunes with BETTER YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN.

“I really want to impress upon you that whatever it is you want to achieve it is possible!”

I’ve done it, helped many others achieve it, so I know you can too!

Again after about 8-9 months of driving my first car, i realized it was a small and a cheap car for a Networker and someone who has big goals in life.

I decided to go for my second ride and managed to buy and Audi A3 courtesy of BETTER YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN. After that i took a flash back then i realized if i could be still employed as a graphics designers, i couldn’t have achieved any of this.

2018 we celebrated our second year anniversary, this time round we had more success story in the team. Most of my team members were recognized as top earners and in millionaire circle club members.

I was also not let out – and i was recognized among the top earners in BETTER YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN Kenya and as a member of m.c club.



In the year 2019, we created more success stories in Kenya and still i was among the people who did well too. In the 2019 anniversary recognition i was among the top 20 earners in BETTER YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN.

On the same year, i managed to achieve one of the highest ranks in the company called Global Ambassador.

The results i have achieved in this project is courtesy of my mentors and the people i look up to. let me share some of them and their achievements too.

With BETTER YOUR LIFE CAMPAIGN, what you do currently, does not matter, all you need is to be open minded and some level of commitment. No education level required provided you are teachable. I often say all you require is a DREAM.

If you are still reading to this point then I’m assuming that you too are looking for a better way of life or you are ready for a massive change!

I want to share with you the system that I and many others are using and having great success with that is allowing us to live the lifestyle of our dreams, creating better lives not only for ourselves but for our families and the people we meet along the way!

We have a huge vision to help people like you, to go on to create massive success in your life! We are a family, a group of people that are committed to helping our members create success… massive success in their lives and businesses! Ours is a life-changing opportunity you have in front of you, and one of the most supportive and caring communities you will find today!

People fail to achieve their dreams because of doubt and fear. SOME fear “What if it does not work out?” while OTHERS fear” What if it works and I cannot handle it?”……You can either live your fears or your dreams. Most of us are living our fears.

That’s part of my story. I feel grateful when I share it with others. If I can do it, you can do it too.

“You will get all you want in life if you help just enough others achieve what they want in LIFE”

Feel free to leave a comment and share this powerful story with your friends to reach more people and change their life.

Interested to know more and get started on this DREAM opportunity /  Project ???  CLICK HERE to whatsapp or Contact +254 703 666 362. Serious individuals only. Note this is just an opportunity not a job.

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    1 year ago / 09/07/2020 @ 2:00 pm

    This is very encouraging. It makes me want to pursue my dreams. Fear has been a major set back for me. Thank you

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    Amazing opportunity ever, hope dreams are valid, hope everyone can get that opportunity in this pandemic error

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    Powerful 💪 💪 💪 kiongozi

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    1 year ago / 04/08/2020 @ 6:15 pm

    Hi Andrew, I must admit that you are a very positive inspiration to many jobless people. I happened to attend one of your lectures and I was really inspired. I liked your interaction with the audience which made me enjoy the talk. You gave hope and encouraging remarks to all listeners. I liked the comparison of ESBI and I was able to learn about the systems that make big businesses thrive. Keep it up and may you be blessed.

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    Want to do digital marketing and hoping to earn passive income

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    Hello contact on 0703666362

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    Great and thanks

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    I’m very much interested but i don’t know how to start coz i hv nothing at the moment, I wish you can assist me please.

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