How to Post Ads or sell on Alpha Soko Classifieds

Alpha Soko Classifieds is an Online based Free market place or an online advertising platform where individuals can buy and sell almost everything.

Our  aim is to bringing changes to the community where they could come together, meet, trade and facilitate one another in many ways.

The community members can come here to post Ads or sell all kinds of used and  new items or products. They can post all sorts of advertising, promote their small business and enterprise, get an audience for a neighborhood event, concerts, functions, seminars etc.

The community members can buy items that they could wish to have, or be compelled to offer and build new friends, meet individuals, business and do private transactions.

However most people don’t know How to Post Ads or Sell on Alpha Soko Classifieds Website, So today we have decided to provide you with a detailed step by step guide on how to sell on Alpha Soko Classifieds.

The First Step is to REGISTER.

For effective selling and advertising, you will need an account on the site so register using your valid e-mail address , choose a username that you would like to use while login,  phone number  then set a strong but simple password that you can remember easily while you want to login to your account. (option two you can login direct by selecting  continue with Facebook option).

Note: We only accept correct details from all sellers, This will help to build trust with your buyers.

So go to click on My Account Button as show in this image. A login / registration page will be displayed. So you are required to fill in you correct registration details, then when you are done, make sure to hit on SUBMIT. A verification link will be send to your email address, please check your mail box then click the verification link which will take you back to the site informing you that your Account has been verified. Now you can log in.

The Second Step is to Take a good and clear photos of the item you want to sell.

Clear photos will always attract more customers so make at most ten clear photos using your smartphone. You will use these photos while posting your item on the site.

The Third Step – Click on Post an Ad {computers} / Post Ad {Mobile Phones}.

This is now the step for posting your item on the site. Note: If you had logged out of your account, rem to login first. Click on Post Ad as shown below. While posting, choose a proper category that fits your item. Write a clear title and full description for what you are selling. To sell faster enter a fair price, select attributes and your descriptions for the item.

Have a clear and a detailed description Fill the Features for your item then upload your photos. Note that features are not a must on some Items. Good photos of your items sell much faster. Fill in your contacts details and then hit on SUBMIT LISTING. We will review your Advert then publish it in the shortest time possible.

After your advert goes live be ready to receive calls and messages from clients. Answer them properly to convert them into buyers. Sell more and make more money with Alpha Soko Classifieds. Be reachable always and don’t make your buyers wait for your feed back for a long time.

The Fifth Step –  Use Premium Services by promoting your Adverts for more customers!

To use our premium services, you will go to your adverts under my listings page. Then you can Click on PROMOTE. When you promote / sponsor your adverts, they will appear at the top most of the page and they will be more visible to everyone that visits the site. Most people always focus more on the items that are on top of the page or others,  this will help you to sell much faster.

Thank you we believe these tips will be of help to you.

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