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Accurate Weighing Scales (U) Ltd
The Blade is one of the best scales in Uganda
First, let me preface this with two things:
-#1: if you’re in a hurry, if you like the way this scale looks and operates, go ahead and buy it with confidence in its accuracy, too. it’s one of the best.
-#2: I came to this scale because I needed certain features, and the reviews on most of the scales at Amazon leave me with contradictory quotes and no way to tell which one is the best. So, I bought the 7 scales that looked best to me, and I’ve used them all. This has given me some perspective on what is good or not good in these small form-factor scales. I’m reviewing those that I kept. So, on with the review…
The Blade is so named because of the little section of the body which swings out to reveal the display and the operational buttons. It is held shut by a mechanism that locks or releases when you press it in, so shutting and opening “the Blade” involve the same motion: pushing in on the top of the swing-out “blade” section until you hear the “click-click” of its release or lock.
When it swings out, it reveals the lighted display, the on/off button, the Tare button (for zeroing the display when you set an empty tray on the scale to hold more items), and the Mode button, which determines the units of measurement you prefer. Those units of measurement are shown below, along with their:
Gram: to a maximum of 100.00 g.
Ounce: to a maximum of 3.527 oz.
Grain: to a maximum of 1543.1 gn.
Carat: to a maximum of 500.00 ct.

Note that these are small weights, and while the scale is accurate to a hundredth of a gram, its small capacity makes it unsuitable for a general household scale. What weighs 100 grams or less? Three silver dollars, but not four. Three AA batteries, but not four. 52 Pepsid antacid tablets, but not 53. A small, glass (59 ml) Tabasco Sauce bottle — empty, but not filled. About ⅞ stick of butter, but not the whole stick. A leather glove, but not a pair. 40 shiny pennies, but not 41.

The scale is 3.75″ square by .830″ (13/16″) tall. Metric dimensions: 95.2 mm square x 21.73 mm tall. With its lid on, it fits comfortably in your pocket. There is a 2nd tray/cover which will make it slightly larger, but I find it hard to get the scale out of that form-fitting square plastic cover, as there are no grooves or handles to grab it with.
I’m fine without the big cover, but it’s nice to have it as a tray for measuring larger numbers of pieces. Note: if you get the scale or its lid stuck in the larger cover, use a suction cup to pull it out. Don’t bang it on the cabinet, for heaven’s sake!
For calibration, you will need a 100-gram scale calibration weight. Be sure to get it when you buy the scale, as it should be calibrated first thing. In tests with a half dozen different weights, after calibration the Blade nailed every one of them to the hundredth of a gram. (.00 in the case of these weights) That’s very reassuring. It’s the only scale I have that hit all the weights exactly on the mark, every time.
The desirable features of this scale are its multiple units, it’s small form factor, and its accuracy to 100th of a gram. If you want a scale to measure packages for figuring postage, this isn’t going to help you much. But if you want to weigh small things like coins, beads, small pieces, spices in a recipe, sugar in a strict diet, or whatever you may have in mind that needs high accuracy and low capacity, then this is really a nice scale; one of the best.
The marketing company which sells this Chinese device in America is AMS: American Weigh Scales, Inc., which is the company that sells most of the small scales that I actually like. The Blade is a very nice scale with no real down gradable issues, so I give it 5 stars out of 5. Treat it with care as you would any precision instrument,
Thank you for allowing Accurate Weighing Scales (U) Ltd the privilege to serve you in advance.
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