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There is no need to purchase a scale designed to weigh items up to 2 ton if the heaviest object that you ever expect to weigh is going to be 5 kg. However, you certainly want to ensure that the scale you purchase will always meet your needs, so it is important to realistically consider what type of articles that you intend having to weigh. Replacing a scale can be a costly and unnecessary venture, so always choose a maximum capacity for weight that is somewhat higher than your ordinary requirements.
Consider the features that you find to be important in a perfect scale. For example, the size of the digits on the scale indicator is important to many people. The industry standard for most digital floor scales is to have digits that are one inch tall. However, displays with larger digits are also available. Rugged construction or water-resistant scales may be valuable to you, so a floor scale utilizing stainless steel load sensors would be desirable.
If you work with chemicals, you may need to use explosion proof scales, or intrinsically safe scales. Additionally, consider the type of printer attached to the scale. Ensure that it is capable of printing and recording weights in the quantity and in the units that you believe are necessary to properly meet the needs of your business. This can include the communication method used between the floor scale and the printer, such as RS-232, USB or Ethernet.

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