• 15/09/2021 2:09 pm
  • Kampala, Uganda

In addition, the ability to measure moisture content provides invaluable information when buying and selling hay. This is because it allows for an accurate assessment of the quality and therefore its corresponding value to be determined. Finally, it is also an extremely useful tool in the calculation of livestock rations, as livestock productivity performance is dependent upon the correct consumption of dry matter.

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  • Category : Audio & Video Equipment
  • Condition : New
  • Type : Digital pin grain moisture meter
  • Crane (hanging) scales, Whole sale scales, Baby scales, Mini palm scales, Industrial platforms, assorted weighing brands including Avery, Salter, Health ( height and weight ) scales, Precision scales Analytical/Laboratory scales, Moisture meters, Temperature gauges, Pallet trolleys, kitchen scales, Animal scales, Bag closers-stitching machine, Plastic bag sealers, Plastic foot sealers, Batch sealers, Table top scales, Counter scales, Barcode readers/printer, Waterproof scales, Axle weigh bridge, Mini and full Weigh bridges among others.


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