• 08/09/2021 11:42 am
  • Kampala, Uganda

Once we started manufacturing our own load cells we realized we could design better ones that were specifically geared toward a specific purpose. For example, one of the first new designs we implemented was a lower height load cell, which significantly reduced the overall profile of our scales.
This made it much faster and easier to get loads on and off the scale, and in some cases eliminates the need for loading ramps entirely, which saves space on the work floor.
Around that same time, we had been approached by a company that made gas cabinets for the semiconductor industry that was searching for an extremely rugged cylinder scale that had a lower profile than their current scale. So we took our new low profile design and tweaked it, incorporating stainless steel.
Not only did this lower the profile of our scales even further, it also produced a load cell that is inherently more accurate than other steel or aluminum varieties and better able to withstand rough industrial environments and situations like shock loading and overloading. The stainless steel design was such a success that we still use it in our own industrial scales to this day.
When you purchase load cells from Accurate Weighing Scales , you’ll get this same hearty design unless you specify a need for another material. Our current design portfolio includes stainless steel load cells from a lightweight 2 lb. capacity to heavy duty models that can weigh 20,000 lb. or more!
Thank you in advance for allowing Accurate Weighing Scales (U) Ltd the privilege to serve you in advance.
For any further inquiries, mail or contact us
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