KSh 40,000(Negotiable)
  • 21/10/2021 3:58 pm

Auto Open Door]Wireless fob keys or exit button auto activate the automatic door operator,fast and convenient entry
[Safe]Automatically re-open door if touchless door opener notices an object in the closing path,make sure safety of the people in the door way,If used for disabled access, it is recommended to install a optional motion safety scanner to extend the re-opening opening time
[Easy Parameter Adjustment]Lots of parameters such as manually push force can be adjusted on closing force by handheld programmer
[Durable Motor Workable with Input Voltage AC100-AC240]The motor is very durable and will not burn out easily due to unstable input voltage because it adopts wide voltage technique,workable with input voltage AC100V to AC240V
[Easy Installation&Debug]USA Technical phone support,easy installation and debug


  • Category : Other Electronic Accessories
  • Auto Open Door
  • Easy Parameter Adjustment
  • Durable Motor Workable with Input Voltage AC100-AC240

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