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  • 24/11/2020 8:44 am

About NaturacentialToothpaste *


Its a herbal toothpaste that cleans teeth, fights cavities, prevents plaques, keeps gums healthy, and freshens breath. It is made with five nature’s effective oral care ingredients, & it’s fortified with 16,000 phyto-nutrients from Complete Phyto-Energizer. acts as a natural cure for bad breath, oral candidiasis, gingivitis, plaque, and inflamed gums. It also kills mouth bacteria prior to dental surgery and also reduces mouth irritation that is often caused by dental procedures. Has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects in the oral cavity.


It has natural anti-septic properties, helps treat inflamed lesions of throat and mouth, gingivitis and sore throat.


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  • Gender : Unisex



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