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A lot of men are either suffering from ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION or at a great risk of contracting ED.

Others don’t even have an idea of what’s happening.

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION basically means the consistent inability to sustain an erection,or rather soft erections which tend to last for a very short period of time,often characterised by Premature Ejaculation. (P.E)

ED may be due to;

✅A chronic disease eg diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

✅Poor lifestyle-poor dieting

✅Heavy alcohol intake.

✅Continuous masturbation

✅Heavy usage of harmful sex pills.

You as a man coming back home RESPECTED and you as a Lady being able to satisfy your man enough that they would rather spend a weekend home since it’s worth their time.

First of all you need to cleanse your body system with 1. Liven alkaline coffee to get rid of the accumulated toxins in the body system.

When was the last time you cleansed your digestive system?? Due to the busy lifestyle, we tend to forget taking a balanced diet so we end up lacking essential minerals such as zinc and manganese which are responsible for general vitality.The foods we take tend to be grown in poor environments full of effluent waste,chemicals and sewerages.

High toxic accumulation hinders the full absorption of nutrients in the body system.

2.peak will help revitalize your body and give it a youthful energy, enthusiasm and the confidence to step up in bed like the superman you are.peak and Ultra CZ will improve your general performance, balance your hormones and improve blood supply to the prostrate organs naturally, for strong sustainable erections and bring back the natural response to romance.

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