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  • 10/04/2021 1:32 am

Careleaf Thermal Relief Patch

Does your knee hurt because of fatigue and Arthritis?

Are your hands and fingers numb and digging?

Do you find it difficult to sleep due to Mountain work and problems?

Are you tired of Colds and Coughs due to the changing weather?

Are you withering due to body pain?

Introducing Careleaf Thermal Relief Patch.

Contain 9 Natural Herbal Ingredients :

√ Turmeric (Ginger Dulaw) – anti inflammatory properties and as an antioxidant.

[Usually used by people with Athritis]

√ Germanium – stimulates oxygenation in cell membranes and it also acts as a natural heat reflector.

[ Lower Blood Pressure ]

√ Vitamin E -Ease the Muscle Tension.

[ Good for : Cataract and Blurdness ]

√ Capsaicin – Relieves Pain, Tension and Stress

[ Great sources for endorphins ]

√ Silver Ion – Kill microbes and Bacteria

[ Good for : Tonsillitis ]

√ St. John’s Wort – Actively relieves and relaxes the nerves.

√ Korean Ginseng  – widely used in Korea for Musculoskeletal Pain, Fatigue and Swelling.

√ Grapeseed Oil – Open ups the skin pores allowing all the other adaptogens to come in.

√ Nano Diamond – Effectively in delivering all the ingredients deeply into the skin.

Just stick Careleaf Thermal Relief to the part of your hurting body and let it absurd, until 15 minutes you will feel the effect of it being so relaxed on the body.

Good News!

  • This will last in our body until 2 days, it can be wet and bathed.
  • There are 8 Patches and will last until 5-6 years because there is Zip Lock.

To make an order contact +254703666362 or take a screenshot/name of this product and send click here to whatsapp.


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