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-These Stone Pendant feel great to hold in your hand and are good for meditations, grids, and energy sessions.Suitable for Home & Office Decor,collecting,gifts,study.

Crystal Effect

Flourite is especially good for balancing your mind and organizing your thoughts, this Natural Fluorite Stone is perfect for keeping the aura clear, bring to you the beauty of rocks, minerals, and gemstones, which are usually difficult to appreciate in their natural state. It is used to clear energy fields and auric cleansing in particular. People also think it is the symbol of wisdom, it may have a good influence on your study or work.

Product Description:
– It is polished and made with 100% natural fluorite by hand.
– Each pure natural fluorite quartz crystal with unique lines can be acted as a special gift.
– Fluorite is also known as “soft crystal or colorful gem” which can help to eliminate the negative energy accumulation and remove the bad luck in the body.
– Fluorite: is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. When working with the upper chakras, Fluorite increases intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness, and develops a connection to Spirit.

• The tiger eye stone is a stimulus to the generosity and encourages someone to try their artistic and creative talents, their physical abilities and new things.
• Use or carry the tiger eye stone to increase inner vision and perception in unusual places or circumstances and to protect against the negative intentions of others.
• Tiger eye stone sharpens the senses that help pay attention to the details and prepare for positive action.
• Tiger eye stone is a blood emollient, it increases vitality and strength and restores the balance of the body at every level.
• Encourages harmony among people with different perspectives, religious beliefs or lifestyles to see both sides of a topic and find common ground.
• It is a great talisman for professional mediators as well as a talisman for anyone entering challenging negotiations.

Product Parameters:
– Line: each unique piece thanks to the naturally formed lines
– Size: length about 20-40/50mm
– Color: colorful
– Random Pendant Stone From the pictures shared
– Material: natural fluorite quartz crystal and Tiger eyes
– Comes packed in a nice presentable gift box

-Size: length about 20-40/50mm
-Color: colorful
-Random Pendant Stone From the pictures shared
-Material: natural fluorite quartz crystal and Tiger eyes
-Comes packed in a nice presentable gift box

Fluorite Essential Benefits

1. For Health and Healing
2. For Relationship
3. For Wealth and Luck
4. Helps you think clearly and make clear decisions while under pressure.
5. An aura cleanser by rotating it clockwise above and around your body.
6. Boost cellular healing and promote cellular rejuvenation.
7. Used to treat heavy metal pollution and accelerate healing.
8. Stimulates the third eye chakra, to boost psychic communication and improve spiritual balance.

Tiger’s Eye Essential Benefits

1. A Grounding Stone. Is associated with the root and sacral chakras.
2. Protection. Helps ward off negative energy and gives more clarity and insight.
3. Goal-Oriented. It brings clarity, organization, and a logical way of looking at things that help with problem-solving.
4. Mental Healing. It increases confidence and creativity; it naturally lifts moods and helps to balance energies.
5. Physical Healing. Helpful in healing particular physical ailments, such as issues with vision, throat, and reproductive organs.


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