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Dementia is the loss of cognitive functioning—thinking, remembering, and reasoning—and behavioral abilities to such an extent that it interferes with a person’s daily life and activities. These functions include memory, language skills, visual perception, problem solving, self-management, and the ability to focus and pay attention. Some people with dementia cannot control their emotions, and their personalities may change. Dementia ranges in severity from the mildest stage, when it is just beginning to affect a person’s functioning, to the most severe stage, when the person must depend completely on others for basic activities of living.

Older woman with glasses wearing a sariSigns and symptoms of dementia result when once-healthy neurons (nerve cells) in the brain stop working, lose connections with other brain cells, and die. While everyone loses some neurons as they age, people with dementia experience far greater loss.

While dementia is more common as people grow older (up to half of all people age 85 or older may have some form of dementia), it is not a normal part of aging. Many people live into their 90s and beyond without any signs of dementia. One type of dementia, frontotemporal disorders, is more common in middle-aged than older adults.

The causes of dementia can vary, depending on the types of brain changes that may be taking place. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia in older adults. Other dementias include Lewy body dementiafrontotemporal disorders, and vascular dementia. It is common for people to have mixed dementia—a combination of two or more types of dementia. For example, some people have both Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.

MyChoco is one of its kind that proves to be a refreshing alkaline chocolate drink with 16,000 phytonutrients fortified by DHA which is similar to our other product Complete Phyto-Energiser. It is the only chocolate beverage served, that preserves the true richness of chocolate with the addition of numerous health benefits.
“Rich. Smooth. Refined classy”, that’s how MyChoco would feel like. A completely new and delightful chocolate beverage. This drink is a healthy food drink made from premium cocoa blend. This drink is rich in chocolate flavor and can be added to hot or cold water to give it a malted chocolate flavor and extra texture.

MyChoco can be served as a welcome drink or refreshment drinks in parties, at home or office that will rejuvenate your energy levels. It has a blended taste of rich real chocolate with a tinge of fruity flavor. Best for those who love to treat themselves often and this being healthy!
Legends from many cultures claim that consuming chocolate instills strength, health, faith and passion. Researchers have discovered that chemicals found in chocolate are beneficial to health.

MyChoco Contains

Premium Cocoa Blend



Mega- Nutritionals

DHA Powder

AIM Global’s® MyChoco Benefits

Lowers cholesterol level

Protects against heart disease and complications

Helps prevent cancer of any origin



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