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  • 12/09/2021 12:14 pm
  • Jordaanpark, Heidelberg - GP, 1441, South Africa

PESH is a revolutionary new more potent oral health supplement manufactured in South Africa, which contains colorless carotids to offer skin lightening and brightening benefits. premium skin lightening capsules contain powerful natural ingredients that have been shown to have significant positive effects on skin tone and appearance, including reducing dark marks and melasma.

PESH is a 100% natural, non-toxic product containing no GMO or animal-derived ingredients. It is considered safe for all patients and can transform how you see yourself – and how others see you.

PESH is easy to take and is available without the need for a consultation or prescription.PESHis suitable for patients of all skin tones. It works as a natural sunscreen and melanin inhibitor, and can help prevent DNA damage.


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