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  • 18/05/2021 5:13 pm
  • Nairobi, Kenya

For fitness; this protein shake will help you to build more muscle mass naturally, tone your body and skin, maintain your weight, quicker recovery after workout, energy ⚡ for your workout.


Forever Lite Ultra® with Aminotein® is the perfect addition to your healthy Forever Living lifestyle. Forever Lite Ultra® with Aminotein® integrates new thinking with new technologies to help you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Two servings per day of Forever Lite Ultra®, prepared with skim milk as directed, supply a full 100% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for the vitamins and minerals shown in the Nutrition Facts section. Forever Lite Ultra® supplies 18 important amino acids, including essential, nonessential and the branched-chain amino acids.

Forever Lite Ultra® is also an integral part of Forever’s Clean 9 and F15 programs. It will help you take charge of your health and put you on the path to effective and sustained weight management!


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  • Type : Powder


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