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ALKALINE LIVEN COFFEE – Natural product.

(Original, Latte, Cappuccino, Sugar Free):)! ☕☕

Good for:

Acidic, Constipated, High Blood Pressure, Migraine, Over fatigue, Dysmenorrhea.

This is NOT just your Ordinary 3in1 🍵 this is EVERYTHING 16,000 IN 1 COFFEE . ☕

Must try LIVEN Alkaline coffee which is Full of health benefits!!


1. Lowers Cholesterol Level

2. Protects Against Heart Diseases

3. Helps Prevent Cancer Of Any Origin

4. Controls High Blood Pressure And Blood Sugar

5. Prevents Degenerative Diseases Like Arthritis And Rheumatism

6. Enhances, Nourishes, Strengthens & Balances The Immune System

7. Rejuvenates The Skin

8. Promotes Healthy Blood Circulation And Cell Regeneration

9. Detoxifies The Body

10. Reduces Fatigue

11. Relieves Headache

12. Prevents Parkinson’s Disease

13. Enhances Sexual Vitality

14. Increases Sperm Motility

15. Increases Memory Concentration And Focus

16. Essential To Mental, Visual And Neurological Activities

17. Improves Performance And Endurance During Exercise

18. Offsets Damage Of Smoking And Heavy Alcohol Intakes

19. Reduces the Risk Of Developing Type II Diabetes

A Healthy Coffee made from 💯Arabica bean.

✔First Alkaline Coffee in the world.

✔Available in 4 flavors




➡Sugar Free

●Alkaline Liven Coffee

Regular coffee intake has been shown to increase stomach acidity (hyperacidity), which will eventually cause ulcer, acid reflux, cancer, hearth problems and other diseases.

Alkaline foods neutralize the acids in the body and it promotes faster absorption of food nutrients.

The coffee from liven is not like the other regular coffee out there that triggers hyperacidity.

Liven is the world’s first alkaline coffee and if you have hyper acidity problem, this is the right coffee for you.

To make an order contact +254703666362 or take a screenshot/name of this product and send click here to whatsapp.


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