KSh 3,500(Negotiable)
  • 13/11/2020 10:18 am

🔴Get treatment and get over surgery and constant hospital visits costs!!

Research into the natural world across the globe by Natures Way – a USA based, 50years experienced company, has discovered natural products, C24/7 and complete phytoenergizer that help to prevent, shrink and reverse fibroids.

It’s through these products called C24/7 and complete phytoenergizer, that come these underlined health benefits;
🔅they dissolve all types of fibroids inside or outside the womb, quickly, naturally and safely
🔅they shrink fibroids effectively & prevent recurrence.
they inhibit growths of fibroid cells / tissues.
they are 100% natural hence have no side effects.
🔅they prevent heavy periods, bleeding, cramping & clotting permanently.
🔅they eliminate the pain and bloating associated with uterine fibroids.
🔅they lead to increased mental clarity, enthusiasm & vitality.


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  • Gender : Women


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