Meet Francis under 30 years Old who achieved financial freedom in less than 2 years working with better your life initiative. 

Francis Graduated from Kenyatta University with an Bachelor of Commerce finance option. However he immediately ventured to entrepreneurship and started a instant photo camera business at Nairobi, mostly at Uhuru Park.

The business was doing great but like every business, always affected by external forces was consuming all his time and energy. In a good day, he used to earn up to Ksh 500 on profits.

Ending the year 2016, Francis was introduced to Online Works Kenya through Facebook. He decided to give it a try. This is what he said….. “When I saw this wonderful opportunity, I decided to give it a try. Since I used to earn Ksh 350 daily as an instant photo camera man, I only wanted to earn Ksh 30,000 in my first month. I was ready to learn and in my first week, I earned Ksh 29,400. I kept on learning and working and after my first month, I earned over Ksh 100,000+ on profits. Lifestyle started changing.

Mr Njoroge works online full time with Economy Driver Plan 2.0 .He is making over  Ksh 500,000 on a WEEKLY  BASIS.

“The beginning was not easy but I was patient enough to learn and  after 11 months, I was able to buy my first car BMW 320I in Cash.” Francis said.

FRANCIS is currently making Ksh 70,000-100,000 daily translating to Ksh 2,000,000 -3,000,000 Monthly working Online with a program called Empowered Consumerism fueled by Alliance in Motion Global .Below is a screenshot of what his 1st account has paid him for the last 3 years. Over Ksh 16,000,0000 profits with only an investment of Ksh 23000.

He is now ranked as Top 3 Earner in kenya

Currently Economy Driver plan 2.0 is establishing a network of Agents in many parts of the world. In KENYA  it’s now heading to having office in every county. You can actually be the pioneer in your nearest town.We are looking for serious, committed and hard working  individuals, who believes in their dreams and are ready to be coached, trained and mentored for financial independence to engage as Agents/representatives on a Part Time or Full Time basis , earning extra income of at least Ksh 20,000+ WEEKLY Paid via Bank

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