My name is Jacinta,  an entrepreneur by choice, a business coach in the industry of connected economy, am a nurse by profession but not practicing currently, I have done traditional business for months but currently doing Better Your Life Initiative business for the last 1 year and for sure among all the experiences I had in all areas I have tried, I found better your life campaign being the best among them, because this is where I saw some of my dreams unfolding slowly, and  today am here to inspire one or two with my story, to everyone reading this, I guess if I did it you can do it too.

This is My Journey, Maybe it may inspire and Motivate you:

Take a look at it,

Before joining better Your Life Campaign  I was working at Total Ngara service station as a customer attendant then one day I was called by my friend and he share with me a life changing opportunity after that  I just saw the vision of the program, but the starting capital was a challenge by then because I was being  payed a salary of 12,000/- every single month but because of shots I could go for 2 months without a pay, I had to lie to my manager to give money but it wasn’t that easy but I believed I looked for more ideas on how to get and finally I got started and became a partner in better your life campaign, that is one year ago, what I can tell you guys the journey it’s just amazing.

NOTE:  Everyone Starts From an Humble beginning

My Life Before – Better Your Life Campaign

Personally I believed that am worth the effort, time and energy needed to develop myself through the mentorship and training programs.

When we talk about the system,  once you join this is how it looks like, that is a screenshot of my earnings.

This the project am doing back at home with my two sisters for my mom.

This was Meshack 8 months ago, he was among the troop went to fight for us Somalia, I showed him the opportunity he saw the business, he conquered

Better Your Life Campaign is not the better but the best, a business I invested with some few cash, during our 14th year anniversary,  I was among the raffle draw winner of a motorbike, and the company delivered as they had promised, this is a life changing opportunity, it only takes a mind and believe to see the goodies of this project.

Apart from that, let me share briefly of one success stories that inspired me most to join this business of one Mr Francis  who use to be instant photo man now driving a BMW courtesy of this project.

Mr Francis Top 3 Earner in the country! A former photographer! Now a Multimillionaire courtesy of Better Your Life Initiative!! This is a trans-formative business! Yes a Gold-mine.

If your favorite hobby doesn’t move you in the right direction, you are always one direction away from a totally different life, if you put all excuses aside  and ask yourself “will this make my life better”? You’ll know the right answer every time.

Thanks so much for reading my story, let us help you transform your life.

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