My name is Mercy, I started better your life initiative few  years ago as a student in campus, the truth is I grew up from a poor background  and my mom struggled to raise us single handedly and since I saw her suffer I promised myself to study very hard get good grades and get a good job to support my family.

 In my usual days in campus I used to sell jewelry to survive and avoid asking money from my mom so one day my friend saw an advert online about making money working part-time  but she was very skeptical so she asked me about it and being the risk taker that I am I told her we should go and hear more.

After seeing the power of this opportunity,  I knew if I make at least 5000 kes per day all my problems and my family problems will be sorted, but the biggest problem was the starting capital since I was a student and no source of income at all, but I remembered the  words of the person who shared the opportunity with me that if you really want to do something  you will find a way but if you don’t you will give excuses and reasons and end up not doing it. So for me I had a small laptop which I used to listen to music on and type assignments sometimes and watch movies  so I decided to sell it and borrowed money  to top up the starting capital and that’s how i started my journey with better your life campaign.

 Truly speaking my life has never been the same again it changed to better, today I have re-invested back in my business and all this money to reinvest  has come from the business, I have travelled to the Philippines twice, am a Gold EXECUTIVE by rank, am also a member of the millionaire circle, I have a piece of land courtesy of better your life campaign, among other achievements in the company .. I will share with you few pictures below so you can see all this is real and if it happened to me it can as well happen to you also.

I was broke and devastated but rich in my dreams

I was also recognized for joining the Millionaires Club of the company in Philippines. This is attained when you make at least 3 million. It was a dream come true for me, being recognized before over 60,000 members of the company.

1 year and 4 months later, I qualified for the PHILIPPINE TRIP, for a 2 weeks’ vacation, fully paid for by the company. At this point, even those who wished I would fail started calling me to ask how they can partner with me.

As we speak, already I have expanded my business in 32 countries across the world as you can see on the map indicated by red dots. My first account has made over 7 million. I have another 5 accounts which have also made some good money that I won’t disclose. There is magic in multiple accounts. If you can afford 7 accounts, go for them.

My final advice is don’t wait for the perfect time to start because time is not waiting for you to get ready and procrastination is a fertilizer that makes impossibilities grow. Stand up and work for night cometh where no man can work, This is the second quarter of the year what are we gonna achieve by the end of the year ? If you said you don’t have money 5 years ago or 10 years ago chances are you will have the same problem  forever if you don’t work on changing your plan Better Your Life Initiative is here to change lives.

Thanks so much for reading my story, let us help you transform your life.

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