Alpha Soko Classifieds

Basic Package

for 20 listings in the package
  • Sticky
  • Featured
  • Up to 20 categories
  • Up to 20 locations
  • Up to 8 images
  • 1 video
  • Sticky
  • Featured
  • Up to 30 categories
  • Up to 30 locations
  • Up to 12 images
  • Up to 2 videos
For 90 days

Best Package

for 60 listings in the package
  • Sticky
  • Featured
  • Up to 50 categories
  • Up to 50 locations
  • Up to 16 images
  • Up to 5 videos

Frequently Asked Questions

When you post your ad using free package, your ad will be listed on the listings page but any time there is a new ad posted, your ad will be pushed at the bottom meaning the ad visibility will be lower.

All ads posted using Normal Package, have advantages of being listed as featured on top of the listing page and on our home page that leads to more ad visibility, Please see the 1st image below.

All ads posted using best package have more benefits on the website these benefits include

  1. The ad will be featured both on home page and listings page
  2. The ad will always stick on the top of the listings page
  3. The ad will always be pushed up every morning when the day starts around 00:00 am this is also known us BumbUp / RiseUp or Renew daily. This feature is the best and works every day no matter how many new ads are posted, Please see the 2nd and 3rd images below.

All our Paid Packages cover many ads meaning you will sponsor many ads at ago or if you only had one item to post, you will sponsor it and the remaining unused paid services will still be available anytime or day you will get more items to sell. So you retain the package until the day you will have used all the a signed premium ads service on the package within the expiry period. when it’s finished, you can still upgrade or re-purchase if you have more items to be posted in future.


Featured Listings

Ad is displayed on first page as featured while maintaining it's current position.


Bump Up Ads

Moves ad back to top by updating creation date (Ad renews or get pushed up everyday)


Sticky Ads Options

Adds ribbon on ad box stating that it is urgent for seller while trying to top the list.

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